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Tips to Keep You & Your Rig Safe on the Road

September 13, 2021

The best life-saving tip you will receive today…

Pull over.

The numbers are staggering:  100,000 accidents and over 1,500 deaths are cause each year because of drowsy driving!  If you’re sleepy, don’t down the power drinks or grab another smoke…your health and safety are the most important products you deliver to your destination each day!  Consider some of the following instead:

  • Power nap.  It has proven effectiveness!   But be very careful…..longer than 20 minutes and this will backfire quickly.
  • Drink a caffeinated beverage following your nap.  Pounding these constantly will actually make you drowsy, but that quick shot of adrenaline right after a bit of rest will give you an added boost.
  • Pulling over your rig and walking a half mile down the road and back will cause you to lose a little time but quite possibly save a life or two.

Off the clock” guidelines are perhaps even more essential in assuring a safe drive. When you’re not on a driving schedule ensure that you:

  • Stay consistent on your bedtime.  Your body will function much better on the road if you keep a regular routine off the road.
  • Follow a regular calming routine an hour before bed.  (Screen time of any kind is a stimulant.  Cutting out TV and phone/computer scrolling will help!)
  • Avoid heavy foods, alcohol, and nicotine an hour before bedtime.
  • Get six to eight hours of sleep. Your mother said it for years because doctors have been saying it for generations.  This is what it takes for your body to refuel, so take care of it just like you do your rigDon’t drive on empty!

We at ABS not only want you to get there on time; we want you to get there safely.

P.S. Did you know lack of sleep increases your heart rate!  Your heart rate and blood pressure go down at night….they’re supposed to!  So give your heart a rest, and get a good night sleep!  Find out more about heart health here

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