Choosing the Service that’s BEST for Locating your Out of Stock Vehicle

March 7, 2022

Let someone else handle this time-consuming task for you.

You know down to the square inch exactly what you need in a cargo transport vehicle, only to find that the rig or vehicle you need isn’t in stock anywhere close to your location! The right vehicle locating service will be able to find it for you and deliver it to you when you need!

Here are some essentials that will save you considerable time in locating process:

Their inventory:  When investigating vehicle location services, first make sure yours has a network of dealerships that is large enough to get you exactly what you want. Your first question when researching should be whether the company works within certain states or has a network of dealerships nationwide.

Your needs:  When discussing your vehicle needs with a locating service provider, have a list of the specific criteria that the vehicle must fulfill, and don’t budge from that list. It is the service provider’s job to meet the needs of your company; not the other way around! If they can’t find what you need, move on to the one that can.

The Negotiation:  No one likes to haggle on prices, so don’t! When you’re needing an out-of-stock vehicle, let the locator do the dirty work for you. An effective service will not only find what you need but negotiate price for you! This saves your company endless time and money as you acquire your fleet and get it on the road.

The Team:  You should consider your out-of-stock vehicle service a part of your commercial team. This means you need to be able trust its representatives for quick turnaround, and clear and dependable communication. Inquire with the service whether you will have a specific representative assigned to your fleet and how accessible that person will be.

Having an effective vehicle locating service in place before you have a specific need will ensure that your rigs will be where they need to be at the time they need to be. And we all know that on-time shipments are the key to success in this business!

ABS will not only locate out-of-stock vehicles for your company; it will transport those vehicles for you and provide tag and title services as well. Trust our representatives to meet all the needs of your commercial fleet. (ABS Tag & Title Out of Stock Vehicle Locating)

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