Protect Your Vehicle’s Catalytic Converter

April 28, 2022


Between 2019-2020 The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported a 325 percent increase in theft of Catalytic Converters, and numbers have continued to climb.  Because of the metals it contains, this valuable part is one thieves covet, and every car and truck is a target.

If your fleet consists of big rigs, they are also vulnerable and a uniquely hot commodity in this ring of theft.

It is the size of a truck’s catalytic converter that makes it appealing to thieves. And unfortunately, because trucks are raised off the ground, they are unusually susceptible. In just a minute or two, a thief can slip under quickly and remove the bolts that hold the part in place.  The driver never realizes it happened until he hears the painful roar of the engine and is alerted by the “check engine” light.

Because a catalytic converter is valuable, easy to steal, and hard to trace, protective steps need to be taken to guard you from becoming the next victim:

  • Install an anti-theft device. Use a heavy-duty cable or weld the part to the base of your truck with durable steel. Or consider one of the many protective devices available at local auto parts stores (CatStrap and CatClamp are two with excellent reviews). These will slow down a thief tremendously, and time is something no thief can afford.
  • Set an alarm and motion-detection lights. If your vehicle is typically parked for long periods of time, consider installing a camera on your vehicle. Thieves often target parking lots where multiple trucks and/or vehicles are stored, so lighting and alarms are a MUST in these situations. The padlocked gate is simply no match for how well-organized this crime has become.
  • Engrave your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your catalytic converter, just in case theft ever occurs; the part will be easier to trace and possibly recover. At the very least, authorities will perhaps get an advantage on these criminals and help save fleets substantial losses.

A small investment today may give you the critical peace of mind you need. Protect your fleet and fight the theft that is affecting the critical profits in our industry. 


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