Managing Your Fleet Through Rising Fuel Costs

September 28, 2022


Over thirty percent of your fleet costs go directly into the gas pump, so your fuel investment needs to be managed very intentionally! Although we’ve seen a recent dip in gas prices, they are expected to fluctuate for some time, due to record high inflation. In order to manage fleets well, it’s imperative to not only cut back as much as is feasible, but wisely plan for how increased prices will affect businesses long term:

  • The obvious place to start (albeit the most severe expenditure) is to consider the fuel economy of your fleet and start transitioning if there is at all a possibility. It’s time to explore electric or hybrid as you replace your vehicles. 82% of all fleet owners are on their way to completely electronic vehicles, and it is proving to be the wiser economic option.
  • Go as LOW as you can go! Research the lowest prices for the recommended fuel grade for your fleet according to the OEM (Original Equipment Manager) and require all drivers to stick to them. Resources like GasBuddy allow you to find the lowest prices for gas in your driving area. You can’t control the increase of gas prices, but you can control unnecessary spending.
  • Beware of theft! As fuel prices increase, so does fuel theft! Be on the lookout for fraud (irregular fill-ups, a card being used when the vehicle is not present, etc.). Fluctuating gas prices make this harder to detect, so it’s more essential than ever that you know your fleet and watch carefully.
  • Believe it or not, driving on smooth roads can have an impact on fuel efficiency. It’s not always feasible to drive on the best roads, but your drivers can avoid uneven roads as much as possible.
  • Set speed restrictions for your drivers. Excessive speeds wastes fuel, not to mention it can be potentially dangerous. According to a study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, driving at high speeds can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 30%.

Rising gas prices do not need to mean a loss of profits. ABS is committed to providing resources for optimum business success and our staff is eager to support businesses through this challenging time!

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