The Importance of Nationwide Out of Stock Vehicle Locating

The need for out of stock vehicle locating services


You’ve closed the deal, guaranteed every detail on a vehicle for your most finicky client, have the invoice printed and ready to go.  That customer will be lifelong and content, but you must have that particular vehicle to him by the end of the week…and it is nowhere to be found. Wait, it’s in someone else’s stock…on the other side of the country.

A lost sale? Perhaps. But most certainly not if you have a trusted Out of Stock Vehicle Locating service.

This service will assure that your customer is satisfied, having made no concessions on what he wants or when he wants it.

Choosing a Vehicle Locating service is essential if you’re going to be able to keep your promises to your customer. Here are a few questions to ask when choosing a service:

What’s the guaranteed turnaround time (Yes, guaranteed. You don’t want to lose a sale because of someone else’s delay!)

What are the limitations of the locating service? Not all services work with EVERY make and model of a vehicle in ALL fifty states. If your service doesn’t have full access to most efficiently meet your needs, find one that does.

Will they simply locate the vehicle or deliver it as well?  It’s one thing to find the vehicle you need; it’s a completely different thing to bring it to you. When quick turnaround is imperative, your locating service needs to be well-staffed and equipped to get your vehicle to you on time.

What’s the ongoing communication once your vehicle is located? A reliable service will maintain communication with you through every step of the process. Your business’s success depends on sales, and your locating service company will understand your need to “hover.”

How about taxes and titling? Crossing state lines in the purchase of a vehicle can always be tricky. In choosing a locating company, it is always an asset to have them complete registration and titling as well.

ABS offers the right answers to all your Out of Stock Vehicle Locating needs. Give us a call or contact us today with these and any other questions you might have. It would be our privilege to help you have success with each and every one of your vehicle locating needs.