About Us

Fleet License and Title Expertise

At ABS Tag and Title, we understand that your fleet has to keep rolling. That’s why we provide a hands-on approach to customer service. No detail is too small, no problem too large for our customer success team. And our leadership team provides skilled guidance and expertise for the entire fleet vehicle license and registration process, start to finish. Proprietary technology, attention to detail and years of experience mean you can leave the details to ABS.

The ABS Difference

For over 30 years ABS Tag and Title has been providing exceptional customer service. We operate under the founding principle that the only way to do business is with integrity. When you contact ABS, you will speak to a member of our customer success team located in Knoxville, TN. Our team members provide timely, and highly accurate corporate and commercial vehicle license and title services nationwide.


Executive Team
ABS Tag and Title’s Leadership Team is responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day activities of the company. Covering all aspects of the company’s fleet license and title operations, the team works closely to ensure that ABS Tag & Title meets not only the demands of its customers, but provides a positive, innovative and exciting working environment for its employees.


Industries We Serve
We are unique in that we partner with small, medium size and Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of the fleet’s scale or complexity, we have the knowledge, staff and expertise to improve productivity and optimize performance. Managing fleet license and title services for your company’s vehicles and light trucks can be time consuming, overwhelming and complicated. Any mistake can result in tickets, tows or fines if any of your vehicles have expired or missing tags. Our comprehensive fleet registration implementation and renewal programs deliver the plates and tags to your drivers, on time. No more burdens for you, no more wait times for your drivers. We keep your business moving and the money coming in.