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What makes ABS Tag & Title unique is our ability to manage a variety of services for our clients. If it’s related to effectively managing your commercial fleet, chances are we can manage it for you! Our team of experts handle all the details that keep fleets compliant and on the road. We offer a multitude of additional services in addition to all of our commercial fleet title and registration services. Lien perfections, name changes, state transfers, title storage services and title corrections are some of the additional services we provide. Let ABS Tag & Title help remove the hassle and the burden of dealing with all of these administrative responsibilities, so you can focus on running your business!

Vehicle Services

  • Title & Registration
  • Duplicate Titles
  • Renewals
  • Replacement Plates & Decals
  • Repo Titles
  • Lien Perfections
  • Name Changes
  • State Transfers
  • Title Storage Services
  • Title Corrections
Title & Registration

Obtaining the initial title and registration for a new fleet of vehicles, trucks or equipment can be an involved, confusing and overwhelming process in many states. In addition, if your title is lost, unreadable or destroyed it can take multiple steps to resolve the issue. ABS Tag & Title can professionally register and title your fleet in all 50 states and 1400 jurisdictions. We can also provide safe and secure storage of your important documents to ensure they are never lost and that your fleet registration documents are organized and easy to access. Our #1 priority is to fully remove the burden from fleet managers and operators, and save you valuable time and numerous headaches. We want you to focus on running your business, keeping your fleets on the road, and the money coming in.

Duplicate Titles

When your title is lost, unreadable or destroyed, ABS Tag & Title can help the lien holder or owner of record obtain a duplicate title in every state. Vehicle titles are handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the state where you reside. For this reason, the process of replacing your title might vary slightly depending on where you live or where your fleet of vehicles are based. There are five basic steps to obtaining a replacement title and it is complicated and time consuming. Let ABS Tag & Title take care of this for you. We will obtain the duplicates you need accurately and expediently.


Why not make your annual registration renewals hassle-proof? From our years of experience, ABS Tag & Title sets appropriate reminders and begins the process far enough in advance to protect you from the panic that often surrounds expiring vehicle registrations. Keeping your fleet properly titled and registered can be a full-time job, especially when renewal dates vary. Registration renewal criteria will differ by state, city and even county. The ABS Tag & Title experts have the know-how and experience to manage this cumbersome process for you, removing you from the hassle of all the paperwork and logistics. We take care of registration renewals in all 50 states. We provide one monthly consolidated invoice that details registration fees for your entire fleet so your drivers don’t have to stand in line at the DMV and you don’t have to deal with multiple receipts.

Replacement Plates & Decals

Lost, stolen or damaged license plates for your commercial fleets keep your vehicles from moving, costing you time and money. ABS Tag & Title can easily replace your license plates, renewal decals and registration cards to help keep your commercial fleet moving. ABS Tag & Title is an experienced fleet management company and understands all documentation required for replacing license plates and decals in all 50 States. Some states, cities and counties require a police report to replace a license plate. ABS Tag & Title can quickly inform you what the requirements are for the location where your fleet exists and manage the replacement process for you.

Repo Titles

Financial institutions sometimes must take the extreme step of repossessing vehicles. The faster a vehicle can be retitled, the less time it spends sitting at the auction. ABS Tag & Title understands the urgency to get a new title so it can be sold. ABS Tag & Title is an experienced and knowledgeable fleet title and registration company that can help you regain possession of your vehicle and get a new title in place. We understand that certain situations arise that put you in a unique position. ABS Tag & Title can help resolve repossession issues, as well as make sure your vehicle is properly titled and licensed when you have it back in fleet.

Lien Perfections

ABS Tag & Title can help leasing companies and financial institutions file the necessary documentation to ensure that the lien on loan collateral is properly registered in the appropriate state office.

Name Changes

It is vital that each vehicle or piece of equipment is titled under the correct company name before a transaction is complete. ABS Tag & Title will perform this task in any state or jurisdiction quickly and accurately.

State Transfers

When companies operate multi-state fleets, vehicle transfers are sometimes necessary. ABS Tag & Title knows how to perform your company’s State title transfers in a smooth and efficient way.

Title Storage Services

Far too often, customers are in need of replacing titles that have been lost or ruined. To alleviate this recurring problem, ABS Tag & Title provides safe title storage services in our securely constructed facility. When you are ready to sell the vehicle and need your title, we can have it to you in 24 hours.

Title Corrections

ABS Tag & Title can help your company correct errors that are discovered on your vehicle titles so they can be properly registered, secured or sold.

Motor Carrier Services

ABS Tag & Title has years of experience keeping commercial fleets compliant and up-to-date. We are dedicated to improving efficiency and operating processes for fleet owners, managers and operators. We leverage our expertise and infrastructure to reduce and streamline your administrative work. Regardless of the size of your commercial fleet, we will use our intellectual capital and proprietary technical tools to manage your assets effectively.
IRP Maintenance, Additions, Renewals & Changes

IFTA Quarterly Reporting

Special State Reporting

Driver Qualification File Management

Oversize/Overweight Annual & Trip

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Complete Nationwide Registration & Titling Services

Title Storage Services

Tolls and Citation Management

Nationwide Out Of Stock Vehicle Locating

ABS Tag & Title specializes in out-of-stock vehicle locating. We pride ourselves on accuracy, consistency and speed. No matter the vehicle, truck or piece of equipment you need to support your commercial vehicle fleets, ABS Tag & Title can service all of your out-of-stock new vehicle locating needs with excellence. ABS Tag & Title utilizes our resources, contacts and expertise to provide a swift solution to save you time and money!
50 State ABS Dealer Network

Negotiate Competitive Pricing On Your Purchase

Quick Turnaround & Processing

Clear, Consistent Communication

All Foreign & Domestic, Makes & Model

50 State Filing Service

Complete Nationwide Registration & Titling Services

Transportation & Delivery Available

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Toll Management

ABS Tag & Title offers Toll Management Solutions to meet your fleet’s needs with tailor-made solutions.
  • ABS Shield Toll Management
ABS Shield Toll Management

ABS Shield Toll Management provides one nationwide tolling solution. Our expanded services include:

  • National Coverage (electronic & video)
  • Fine and Penalty Avoidance
  • Eliminates Pay by Mail / Web
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Transponder Device Fulfillment Direct to Drivers
  • Account and Payment Consolidation
  • Vehicle Level Reporting
  • Customer Service with Dispute Resolution

ONE Network. ONE Account. ONE Bill. 98% coverage on U.S. Tollways!

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Fuel & Trip Permits

ABS Tag & Title offers permits to keep your business moving forward with hassle or delay.
  • Temporary Fuel Permit
  • Temporary Trip Permits
Temporary Fuel Permit

For power units of 26,000 GVW and greater, or 3 axles of weight. This permit is required if you cross state lines and you don’t have a current IFTA decal assigned and displayed as part of the International Fuel Tax Agreement.

Temporary Trip Permits

Allows interstate travel for commercial motor vehicles that are not registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP).


At ABS, providing superior customer service is our top priority. Our Fleet Division includes Division Manager Sonia Allen who has been with ABS Tag & Title for over 17 years. Allen is assisted by Sarah Penny who has been with ABS for four years. ABS also appoints a dedicated Account Manager to each client for consistent communication and focused attention to our client’s needs.

Sonia Allen

Fleet Division Manager

Sarah Penny

Fleet Division Assistant Manager

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Since 1989, ABS Tag & Title has been providing outstanding customer service and support. From the beginning we have operated on a specific set of values and principles that we continue to operate on today.

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We are unique in that we partner with small, medium size, and Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of the fleet’s scale or complexity, we have the knowledge, staff, and expertise to improve productivity and optimize performance.

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