Dealership Division


ABS Dealership Division

ABS Tag & Title is an extension of your dealership’s back office for handling all out of territory sales.

Vehicle Services

Title & Registration

Obtaining the title and registration for a new vehicle can be an involved, confusing and overwhelming process in many states. In addition, if your title is lost, unreadable or destroyed it can take multiple steps to resolve the issue. ABS Tag & Title can professionally register and title your vehicle in all 50 states and 1400 jurisdictions. Our #1 priority is to fully remove the burden from your business manager to save you valuable time and numerous headaches. We want you to focus on running your business!

Repo Titles

Financial institutions sometimes must take the extreme step of repossessing vehicles. The faster a vehicle can be retitled, the less time it spends sitting at the auction. ABS Tag & Title understands the urgency to get a new title so it can be sold. ABS Tag & Title is an experienced and knowledgeable fleet title and registration company that can help you regain possession of your vehicle and get a new title in place. We understand that certain situations arise that put you in a unique position. ABS Tag & Title can help resolve repossession issues, as well as make sure your vehicle is properly titled and licensed when you have it back in fleet.

Lien Perfections

ABS Tag & Title can help dealerships file the necessary documentation to ensure that the lien on loan collateral is properly registered in the appropriate state office.


At ABS, customer service is our top priority. Our Dealership Division includes Division Manager Carrie Ingram who has over 13 years experience with ABS Tag & Title. Ingram is assisted by Kelcie Naillon who has been with ABS for five years. ABS also appoints a dedicated Account Manager to each client for consistent communication and focused attention to our client’s needs.


Carrie Ingram, Manager of Title & Registration Services

Carrie Ingram
Dealership Division Manager




Dealership Division Assistant Manager, Kelcie Naillon

Kelcie Naillon
Dealership Division Assistant Manager

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