Make Sure You’re Legal on the Road!

Two necessary documents every driver MUST have with them at all times.

Many people don’t know that a vehicle registration is NOT the same as the title. Here are the basics to understanding the two separate documents you need before you can legally drive your vehicle:

Car Title

The title is a legal document that declares you (or the company / individual you owe) is the legal owner of a vehicle. Once a title is obtained, it is valid in every state, despite the owner’s residence.

To receive a title of a vehicle, an owner must have:

  • Bill of sale
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of residency (most DMV offices require two verified bills or official mail
  • Current odometer reading of vehicle

The registration is a legal document that states you have paid essential taxes and are in the state’s cataloguing system. Each state has individual requirements for this registration, and a vehicle owner must have one that is valid in his state of residence in order to legally operate the vehicle.

Once a vehicle’s title is obtained, a registration is necessary as well. Although states differ on the requirements for this document, each requires the following:

  • Title
  • Current insurance (minimum; higher in some states)
  • Tax or registration fees
  • Vehicle inspection report

Over half of the United States requires emission testing. Emissions, as well as many other safety inspections, vary considerably from state to state. You can find a list of your state’s requirements through the Department of Motor Vehicles, or the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

The process of obtaining a title and registration for your vehicle is sometimes complicated and always time-consuming. Entrusting that process to ABS ensures a smooth and carefree transition to getting your entire fleet on the road efficiently and legally!

Complete Fleet Compliance Management

ABS has three divisions to meet all your tag & title needs.

Fleet Management

No business can afford to ever take a loss. Sloppy management of your fleet titles, registration, and licenses can cost your company hefty financial penalties and serious delays. It’s essential for you to rely on your Tag & Title company to handle every detail flawlessly. Our team of Fleet Compliance Managers is committed to your success.

Dealership Management

Obtaining titles and registrations can significantly slow down the purchase of a new vehicle.  Repo titles and lien perfections are OUR business, so they don’t need to be a business manager’s nightmare. We have a Dealership Division devoted specifically to YOU, so that our contacts and our expertise will be a quick solution to your business needs.

Leasing Management

Tags and titles, registration and liens, renewals and state transfers can cause unnecessary delays, and you need to get your fleet on the road. Obtaining and maintaining is our specialty. Our Leasing Division team is committed to providing clear communication and is always accessible to you with helpful resources and contacts

  • Need a title transfer, correction, name change, fuel and trip permits? Selling a rig and need the lien and title in your hands in the next 24 hours? Rest assured, your documents are safe, and your fleet is covered.
  • Have a small fleet and need a more efficient office with fewer administrative bodies? Have a large fleet and need more efficient technical tools to manage it? Rest assured,  your rigs will be compliant, and your fleet is covered.

Covering all 50 states and 1400 jurisdictions, you can leave the details to us. Rest assured…with ABS, your fleet, your dealership, and your leasing needs are covered. 

Rest Easy with ABS Secure Title Storage

Check one item off your to-do list: safe storage of your company’s titles

As fleet managers, we’ve all been there; the case of the lost file. Lost and/or ruined titles need to be replaced and that’s a situation you don’t want happening over and over. Hopefully your business hasn’t dealt with a flood or fire, but if you have, you know first-hand how stressful it is to have to build from ground zero. At ABS Tag and Title, we see this time and time again.

Far too often our customers are in need of replacing titles that have been lost or ruined. To alleviate this recurring problem, we provide safe title storage services in our securely constructed facility. When you are ready to sell the vehicle and need your title, we can have it to you in 24 hours. That fast turnaround time is what we pride ourselves on and how we provide superior services to fleet managers across the USA.

What makes our storage facility secure:

  • Halon Protected Title Room: According to, Halon is a liquefied, compressed gas that stops the spread of fire by chemically disrupting combustion. It adds an extra layer of fire protection to titles and tags – breaking the chain reaction and protecting them from any damage.
  • Limited Secure Access: Not just anyone can have access to our facility, only approved and cleared staff will be able to get in and out to retrieve information for our clients! We always have the facility under security.
  • Fire Resistant Safes: Your documents, titles and tags will be locked away safely in our secure, fire-resistant safes until you need them.
  • 24/7 Access to ABS Customer Portal: Need some quick information? Can’t remember the last 4-digits of the tag? View your titles, tags and documents immediately by using your customer portal online! You’ll have access to your portal anytime you need it.
  • 24-Hour Turnaround Guarantee: Team members are dedicated to ensuring you receive a title within 24 hours of any request, so your business keeps moving without delay and without hassle.

Our #1 priority is to fully remove the burden from fleet managers and operators and save you valuable time and numerous headaches. We want you to focus on running your business, keeping your fleets on the road, and the money coming in. With a complete line of fleet management solutions, we oversee all the details from vehicle title and registration, renewals, duplicate titles, out of stock vehicle locating and so much more. Request a quote here to get started with us and learn how we can partner with you.

Learn more about of complete line of fleet and title registration services here.