Should You Hire a Fleet Management Company?

July 17, 2020

Benefits of Outsourcing Fleet Management Services

Should you hire a fleet management company? A large or small fleet can increase revenue and make your business more productive, but it can also increase the amount of paperwork. As your fleet expands you will become responsible for the licensing and registration for each vehicle among other things. Obtaining the initial title and registration for a new fleet of vehicles, trucks or equipment can be an involved, confusing and overwhelming process in many states.

Paperwork can easily slip through the cracks if you don’t have someone solely dedicated to properly managing your fleet. Many companies prefer to partner with an outside fleet management company so they can focus on their core business.

ABS Tag and Title has been providing fleet management services over the past three decades. You can trust us to handle your vehicle registration renewals and other important paperwork. We are unique in that we partner with small, medium size and Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of the fleet’s scale or complexity, we have the knowledge, staff and expertise to improve productivity and optimize performance.

Here are three benefits your company can benefit from when you decide to outsource your vehicle licensing and registration to another company.

1. We Know Current State and Federal Regulations

ABS Tag & Title can professionally register and title your fleet in all 50 states and 1400 jurisdictions; our team also stays on top of current government and state regulations that may affect company vehicles. We’ve found that when companies try and keep track of this on their own, they can easily get confused. There are different licensing and tax rules in every state. Another issue is a lost, unreadable or destroyed title which takes multiple steps to resolve. We provide safe and secure storage of your important documents to ensure they are never lost and that your fleet registration documents are organized and easy to access. We are also proficient with state and provincial laws and requirements and can easily keep track of your fleet’s licensing and registration due dates.

2. We Can Save You Valuable Time

Managing fleet license and title services can be time consuming, overwhelming and complicated. Mistakes can result in tickets, tows or fines if any of your vehicles have expired or missing tags. ABS Tag and Title is the perfect fleet management company to partner with. Why? Because our team of 125+ professionals can save you time by managing all the administrative work associated with titling, licensing and registration for your commercial fleet and so much more. We leverage our expertise and infrastructure to reduce and streamline your administrative work. Our #1 priority is to fully remove the burden from fleet managers and operators and save you valuable time and numerous headaches.

3. We Will Actively Work to Solve Your Fleet Issues

Another benefit of hiring our fleet management company is that our team will actively work to resolve any issues that may come up to make sure your fleet successfully receives their title and registration. We work directly with your fleet managers or with your drivers to ensure necessary paperwork is completed and your fleet is on the road and moving your business forward. Our #1 goal is to provide expert solutions for all your fleet management needs along with superior support to our clients.

Hire An Experienced Fleet Management Company

For over 30 years we have helped countless companies with their vehicle registration and licensing, fleet management solutions, renewals, duplicate titles, out of stock vehicle locating and more. We operate under the founding principle that the only way to do business is with integrity. Thus, we are dedicated to improving efficiency and operating processes for fleet owners, managers and operators. No more burdens for you, no more wait times for your drivers. We keep your business moving and the money coming in.

To find out more about how our fleet management services can benefit your company, please contact us online or call (877) 914-7973.

ABS Tag and Title