What is a Toll Management System?

January 4, 2022

And why would you need one?

For companies with fleets, the need to manage the cost liability of unpaid tolls and violations, as well as increase their fleet driver’s mobility, toll management services may be something to investigate.

There are 6,200+ miles of U.S. tollways, 50+ toll authorities requiring individual account management, and toll coverage and toll device confusion. All of this can impact fleets due to overspending with little visibility of real costs.

Toll management acts kind of like a fuel card. It consolidates all toll spend under one account and there are no prefunding requirements. Fleet owners gain detailed visibility into all tolling activity, while administrative duties are reduced significantly.

When looking for a toll management program, here are some key elements to look for:

  1. Account and payment consolidation
  2. Fine and penalty avoidance
  3. Eliminates payment by mail / web
  4. Transponder device fulfillment direct to drivers
  5. Vehicle Level Reporting
  6. Customer Service with Dispute Resolution


Fleet management companies that operate in multiple tolling regions should consider a managed toll system. Why? When you consider your current toll volume, the number of admin hours spent managing tolls, the number of toll accounts, and the operation area of your fleet vehicles, the benefits to the bottom line can be considerable. Even though all-electronic toll roads and cashless lanes have enabled speed and convenience, there is still a lack of interoperability among toll authorities. The result is a complicated and arduous task for fleet companies.

Value Add

Toll management can offer fleet companies real value too. A comprehensive program can provide:

  • New source of revenue from existing fleet customers
  • Valuable program to attract new fleet customers
  • No capital expenditures required
  • Aligns with current selling practice

For the fleet customer and driver the value includes:

  • Consolidation of toll accounts into one centralized, national program
  • Reduction of toll violation risk for covered vehicles
  • Elimination of ballooning costs of late payment penalties
  • Ability to track toll activity and proactively manage toll spend
  • Increase mobility by enabling drivers to use cashless toll lanes and all-electronic toll roads

If you’re looking for comprehensive toll management services, ABS Tag & Title provides ABS Shield Toll Management services that meet your fleet’s needs with tailor made solutions. Learn more.

Emily Bieger



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