YES or NO to EVs?

Now’s the time to make a HUGE fleet decision!

It is anticipated that by the year 2040, Electric Vehicles (EVs) will comprise over half of new car sales. Some of the unique challenges this brings are being aggressively addressed, with a targeted effort to drastically increase the number of charging stations nationwide (click here for details). In addition, car manufactures are frantically developing more EV models to meet the predicted need. So now’s the time….fleet managers must make a final call on whether or not they will be making the transition.

With the heavy strain of extreme miles that your fleet carries, it may seem obvious that EVs are the way to go:  batteries last over 100,000 miles, moving parts are simplified, and electricity is one third the cost of gas. But there are some other details to consider:

EVs aren’t good for the long haul; at least not currently. However, if your fleet is used for last-mile deliveries, reduced maintenance and the price of electricity should be strong motivators.  Experts predict that if you make the transition to electric now, you will see immediate increases in your bottom line.

If you do pursue the switch to EVs, be sure all your drivers are equipped with an app to help find the closest charging stations while on the road. Infrastructure continues to be the greatest complaint of EV drivers, so these apps eliminate some of the frustration. PlugShare and ChargeHub are a couple of popular ones!

In this day of extreme technological advancement in vehicles, companies such as EverCharge  are rising up to meet the EV management needs of fleet managers and improve the capacity of charging stations. This company also performs site assessment and develops a smooth transition plan that is specific to the needs of each customer.

If the EV world still seems a little too much like the world of the Jetson’s, you’re not alone. This technology is fast and furious, but it’s a world that affects absolutely every one of us. Whether or not you will transition to Electric Vehicles is the question that every fleet needs to assess. If yours needs to be overhauled, make it a priority and start one vehicle at a time. Experts all agree that this world is here to stay.